The MEDEA has as object of study, concrete measurement and scientific knowledge of the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) of very low frequency (0 to 300 Hz) produced by any of the equipment or electrical circuit, at school, in the home environment and in the vicinity of electric power transmission lines.

This initiative, in which the secondary and higher education schools can participate through one or more teams, allows the practical application of training provided in educational institutions, combining scientific knowledge to the daily life of students demonstrations and experiments by themselves, inside and outside the classroom.

Participating schools receive a meter of electric and magnetic fields, for very low frequencies, which use in the course of the project. Each team creates a website dedicated exclusively to MEDEA, which presents all the results obtained, researches made and other information relevant to the draft final report. The teams with the best jobs are awarded annually.

Through the project MEDEA students, in addition to acquiring a greater scientific knowledge and develop the critical spirit, are also challenged to find scientifically credible information about the possible effects of electromagnetic fields on human health.

To learn more about EMF and MEDEA see videos below.


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