REN Chair on Biodiversity

REN Chair on Biodiversity

REN, together with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the University of Porto (UP), created a Chair on Biodiversity in 2015, to be taught at UP. The partnership between REN, FCT, and CIBIO-InBIO (Centre for Research in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources of the University of Porto) reflects the commitment and engagement of the three entities in this area. This protocol was renewed in 2020, lasting until 2023, to ensure a continuous alignment with the needs.

The protocol seeks to ensure the development of lines of work to increase knowledge, dissemination, and applied research to the environment sector and in the areas of characterisation of biodiversity associated with electricity transmission structures and the mitigation of their impacts on biodiversity.

The current initiative’s programme of activities is based on four main axes:


Biodiversity in REN structures: opportunities and risks

  • Preparation of final reports to evaluate the risk of incidents caused by nesting birds in REN supports and the implementation of the first field campaign to characterise the nesting avifauna (apart from the white stork), with an emphasis on species of conservation interest. 

Desenvolvimento tecnológico aplicado à biodiversidade

Technological development applied to biodiversity

  • Scientific support provided by CIBIO within the scope of projects for the automatic detection of collisions on Very-High-Voltage Lines, using innovative methodologies and the study of static and dynamic devices to deter nesting white storks on REN supports. 

Impactes e mitigação

Impacts and mitigation

  • Analyses concerning the study of the relationship between the use of space by Bonelli’s eagles and power lines in the Algarve mountains, to test the existence (or not) of exclusion effects caused by power lines.

Transferência de conhecimentos e interação com a REN e outras partes interessadas

Knowledge transfer and interaction with REN and other stakeholders

  • Work developed within the scope of the participation in Cigré (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) – for a major global non-profit association of the sector, which promotes collaboration between experts from all over the world, in the “Wildlife and infrastructures” and “Sustainable Development Goals” working groups. 

On the other hand, the REN Chair on Biodiversity will make it possible to systematise and disseminate the work already developed: identify impacts on biodiversity, assess risks and adopt minimisation measures, promote activities with positive impacts, contribute to the development of a biodiversity strategy, strengthen the integration of biodiversity in the company’s activity, and support nature conservation initiatives. 

Learn more about this initiative on the REN Chair webiste.


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