Project no. 2

Status Done

Start Dec 2017

End Dec 2018

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Implementation of a high-power electric vehicle charging station through connection to the Very-High-Voltage network. 


Speed-E connects to the existing overhead lines and directly transforms Very-High Voltage in Low Voltage, enabling the energy supply to electric vehicle charging without power restrictions. The solution is deployed up to 300 metres away from an existing overhead line, facilitating a nationwide coverage of the electric mobility charging infrastructure.

The superior availability of power allows taking advantage of ultra-fast charging solutions, ensuring the simultaneous availability of a high number of charging points in the same site.

The modular architecture enables flexible scalability, i.e., it enables the solution to be gradually adapted to the power needs, following the evolution of demand.


  • Saving time with ultra-fast charging
  • Use of the existing Transmission Network, enabling full coverage of the country
  • Quality of service and security of supply
  • Massification of the use of Electric Vehicles
  • Decarbonisation of the mobility sector

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