01 February 2024

REN and ATLANTE establish partnership to develop five projects using the speed-E grid connection solution

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, operator of the Portuguese electricity and natural gas transmission networks, and Atlante, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs) fast and ultra-fast charging network, signed today, February 1st, a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of five projects in Portugal using the speed-E grid connection solution, developed and patented by REN, in selected Atlante fastcharging stations.

Speed-E is an innovative solution that enables the charging of electric vehicles through a direct connection to the electricity transmission network, i.e. Very-High-Voltage transmission lines. By enabling a direct connection to the transmission network, in addition to providing significant power for electric vehicle charging purposes, the solution paves the way to the expansion of charging infrastructures to locations where the transmission network is present. In Portugal, this represents an extension of approximately 9,000 km. The solution ensures the power supply of multiple fast and/or ultra-fast chargers simultaneously, and its modular architecture also enables the customisation and progressive scalability of projects, according to customers' power requirements and an ever-growing EV penetration.

The partnership between REN and Atlante will result in the world's first EV fastcharging stations directly powered from Very-High-Voltage transmission lines. This underscores Atlante’s commitment to always implementing the most advanced technological solutions to deliver EV drivers an uncompromised charging experience, while mitigating the globally ever-increasing power demand.

For João Faria Conceição, REN’s COO: "This partnership reflects REN's ability to develop solutions that address the energy transition, while positively contributing to the decarbonisation of society. Atlante is an obvious partner for speed-E in Portugal, not only due to its broad experience in the charging sector but also its recognition, from the onset, of this innovative tool strategic potential to promote faster and safer charging of electric vehicles, thus mitigating future challenges related to an increased need for power availability".

“We are extremely excited to partner with REN to be the first to implement REN’s groundbreaking technology to efficiently convert power for electric mobility. Portugal is at the forefront of zero-emission driving and it represents a living example of how well thought-through policies contribute to create the right ecosystem for charging operators to thrive, with huge benefits to conscientious drivers. Rooted in NHOA R&D heritage, technological evolution has always been the backbone of our mission. We can’t wait to see how Speed-E will transform the EV-charging landscape in the next months”, commented Giovanni Ravina, Atlante Iberia CEO and Atlante Innovation Officer.

The solution developed by REN has been repeatedly recognized by entities in the energy and mobility sectors. In 2022, the speed-E solution won the “Good Practice of the Year” award in the “Technological Innovation and System Integration” category, bestowed by the Renewables Grid Initiative. It also emerged as the winner in the “Charging & Energy” category of the sixth edition of eMove360º, one of the biggest mobility 4.0 mobility fairs in the world.

Atlante network spans across Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, where the company is currently one of the largest Charging Point Operators (CPO).

With over 3,500 points of charge online and under construction in its four countries, Atlante aims to develop the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, 100% enabled by renewables and serving customers of all electric vehicle brands and models, thereby driving the transition to zero-emissions mobility.

REN is strongly committed to Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI), one of the company's strategic pillars. The company’s commitment to R&DI aims to create and develop solutions to efficiently and effectively meet energy objectives at both national and European levels, while also supporting efforts to address climate change challenges and contributing to REN’s performance of excellence in terms of security and quality of energy supply.