07 October 2022

REN’s electric vehicle charging solution awarded at Mobility 4.0 Fair

Speed-E, the mobility solution created by REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, which enables charging electric vehicles directly from Very-High-Voltage Lines, was the big winner in the 'Charging & Energy' category of the sixth edition of eMove360º, which is taking place in Berlin and is one of the biggest mobility 4.0 fairs in the world.

The jury of eMove360º is made up of eight experts in electric mobility and autonomous vehicles. In their assessment, by providing direct access to the Very-High-Voltage grid, speed-E circumvents the limitations of the distribution grid and can provide grid connectivity to remote areas where the distribution grid may not be available. According to the jury, one of speed-E's advantages is that it provides a scalable and modular solution that enables virtually unlimited power with superior quality of service.

For João Conceição, Executive Director at REN, 'this award is extremely important for REN because it acknowledges the culture of innovation present in the company in the face of the demanding challenges posed by the transformations in the energy sector, namely the transition to sustainable mobility'.

Speed-E is a competitive and complementary alternative to traditional solutions, by ensuring synergies for the global Electricity System, especially in contexts of proximity to the National Transmission Grid, and it is suited to high-power contexts. 

This innovative solution created by REN positions the company as a facilitator of the transition to sustainable mobility, thus complementing existing solutions and supporting the decarbonisation of the mobility sector in a cost-effective way, by using the existing Transmission Grid.

eMove360º is one of the biggest international fairs for mobility 4.0 (electric, networked, and autonomous), where the most recent solutions in sustainable mobility are presented.


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