01 July 2020

Electricity consumption with lowest semester since 2004

Electricity consumption decreased 7.4% in June, or 8.8%, with the correction of the effects of temperature and number of working days. However, there was some recovery in relation to April and May, when consumption decreased by 12% and 13.2%, respectively. In the accumulated result for the year, the first semester registered a negative variation of 5.1%, or 5.2% with correction of temperature and working days. The consumption of electricity in the first semester of 2020 was, in fact, the lowest since 2004.

In June, the hydroelectric productivity index was 0.78 (historical average equal to 1), while wind production, more favorable, was 1.04 (historical average equal to 1). Renewable production supplied 49% of national consumption, non-renewable production 37%, while the remaining 14% were supplied with imported energy.

In the first semester, the hydroelectric productivity index was slightly below the average value, with 0.96 (historical average equal to 1), while the wind productivity index was more unfavorable with 0.86 (historical average equal to 1). In the same period, renewable production supplied 65% of consumption, divided by hydroelectric with 31%, wind with 24%, biomass with 7% and photovoltaic with 2.5%. Non-renewable production supplied 29% of consumption, with natural gas standing out, since production through coal was meaningless. The balance of foreign exchanges was an importer one and is equivalent to about 6% of national consumption.

In the natural gas market, consumption decreased 18.7% in June, as a result of a negative variation of 13.5% in the conventional segment and 25.4% in the electric energy production segment. As with electricity, there was some easing in the trend of reducing consumption that had been observed in the months of April and May.

At the end of the semester, the consumption of natural gas registered a reduction in consumption, of 5.4%, with the conventional segment contracting 9.4%, and although the segment of electricity production has grown by 4.9%.


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