28 September 2023

Launch of the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature – Mediterranean Sea

The Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature - Mediterranean Sea (Med OCEaN) was launched today, of which REN is a founding member.

The Med OCEaN brings together NGOs, wind industry and transmission system operators (TSOs) from across the Mediterranean basin and adjacent Atlantic waters.

This Coalition aims to cooperate on the sustainable deployment of offshore wind, while ensuring alignment with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems of the region.

Over 15 founding Members have joined forces and defined how they will work together. This includes collaborating on topics such as Maritime Spatial Planning, regional cooperation, environmental impacts of floating technology, and the compatibility of offshore wind energy, nature, and other sectors.

Med OCEaN work will support the Maritime Spatial Plans and contribute to the elaboration and implementation of the European climate, energy and environmental objectives.

Moreover, the Med Coalition will strive to fill knowledge gaps, develop and suggest solutions needed, and monitor developments as well as impacts and efficacy of measures in the offshore space.

Learn more about Med OCEaN here