24 January 2017

Natural gas consumption reached its all-time high on 19 January

On 19 January, an all-time high was reached in the consumption of natural gas, 252.4 GWh, with the value of the electricity market reaching 103.2 GWh and the value of the conventional market reaching 149.2 GWh. The oil pipeline's hourly capacity was repeatedly close to its limit in the past few days.

The consumption of electricity in Portugal reached 169 GWh, the highest value since January 2011. This consumption was met with 46% from renewable sources, 22% from coal and 26% from natural gas in combined cycle power plants.

On 12 January, the Sines LNG Terminal reached its maximum physical injection capacity of natural gas into the Sines gas pipeline, reflecting the natural gas consumption increase in Portugal, which resulted from the cold front that affects the country and from the consequent electricity production needs.

REN's Natural Gas Terminal in Sines reached 100% of its capacity for injection into the network, having also been responsible for 89% of the national energy consumption on 12 January. In the past few days, the Terminal has been recording values close to their maximum.


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