13 December 2017

Natural gas consumption reached its all-time high on 5 december

On 5 December, REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais recorded a new all-time high in natural gas consumption, 263 GWh. The previous maximum was from 19 January this year, when natural gas consumption reached 247.1 GWh.

Natural gas consumption has been recording its highest number ever this year, totalling 66.490 GWh by the 11th of this month, a value that is already 15% above the previous maximum in a year, which was recorded in 2010. Additionally, when compared to 2016, the consumption recorded until 11 December shows a growth of 27.5%, with the conventional market segment growing 4.4% and the electric market segment, which accounts for 40% of the total, increasing 90.1%.

The high use of natural gas power plants for the production of electricity is due to the current situation of drought in Portugal, with the resulting reduction in hydraulic production and also due to the fact that the national electrical system is exporting considerably this year.

Throughout this year, there have been numerous challenges for the National Natural Gas Transmission Network and to the National Electricity Transmission Network. These are planned and designed to not only respond to the consumers' corresponding requirements, but also to deal with extreme situations, such as the one currently seen in Portugal. This is the only way to ensure full unrestricted supply, guaranteeing the exercise of the activities that depend on them.


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