17 September 2016

New all-time high in the production of electricity in natural gas power plants

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais recorded, on the 6th, an all-time maximum power of 3,344 MW in the production of electricity from natural gas from all the natural gas power plant groups in the network. The previous maximum was 3,176 MW and was recorded in March of 2011. These figures translate the effects of the heat wave recorded at the beginning of September, coinciding with the strong exports of energy.

The maximum daily production was close to being surpassed, only 4 GWh below the previous maximum of 57.6 GWh in 2011.

This record shows the crucial role which the natural gas national infrastructure has in guaranteeing supply for general consumption and for the power sector in particular. This infrastructure is planned and conceived to meet the simultaneous requirements of the consumers, ensuring they are fully met without restrictions to consumption, thus ensuring the execution of the production activities which are dependent upon them. This is why the infrastructure's size is chosen to guarantee not only average consumption but also taking into account supply assurance for peak consumption, as was the case.

REN, through REN Gasodutos, owns the concession for the high-pressure natural gas transmission, which includes the overall technical management of the National System of Natural Gas. This system ensures the coordination and operation of the natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure, thus guaranteeing continuity and safety of supply.


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