11 October 2023

Portgás certified in Asset Management

Portgás has obtained certification for its Asset Management System (AMS) in accordance with ISO 55001. With this recognition, Portgás becomes the sole company in Portugal to encompass all six normative references of management systems: Quality (NP EN ISO 9001); Environment (NP EN ISO 14001); Occupational Health and Safety (NP ISO 45001); Research, Development, and Innovation (NP 4457), Business Continuity (NP EN ISO 22301), and Asset Management, all certified by APCER.

The AMS certification encompasses various assets of Portgás, including those directly associated with the physical distribution of gas: distribution network infrastructure (low and medium pressure), pressure regulation, filtration, and measurement equipment (Motorised Valve, Manual Valve, PRM 2nd class, PRM 3rd class, PFM, PRP, PSM, UTR, Meter, Smart Meter, Quantometer, PTZ), and CNG stations.

The AMS certification is part of Portgás' strategic programme, which has been implemented in a cross-cutting and integrated manner through the “6G”. In this context, certifications in Innovation and Business Continuity are also integral to the programme and are in the process of maturing.

The certification of the AMS underscores Portgás' dedication to international best practices for Asset Management Systems, particularly in terms of efficiency, reliability, safety, environment, and sustainability. This aligns with REN's latest position concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).