27 May 2024

REN donates computer equipment to ISEL's Future Internet Lab

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais donated computer equipment to the Future Internet Lab at ISEL. This contribution aims to renew and enhance the equipment in the laboratories, boosting the research and technological development capacity at this higher education institution.

The operation of the equipment began on May 8, 2024, with REN present. On the occasion, the president of ISEL, Professor José Nascimento, thanked them for the equipment and mentioned that this strengthens the already historical connection between the institutions.

Jorge Mendes, head of the IT infrastructure and operations department at REN and a former ISEL student, highlighted the company's continuous efforts in favor of sustainable development and support for communities.

Also present at the event were the vice-president of the infrastructure and IT area at ISEL, Professor Pedro Silva; the communication advisor, Professor Filipa Almeida; the vice-president of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering and Computers, Professor Manuel Barata; the head of the Future Internet Lab, Professor Nuno Cruz; and Professor Nuno Cota, the founder of this laboratory, as well as César Mendes from REN, responsible for the logistical operation of the donation.

This donation, besides directly benefiting ISEL, serves as an example of how companies can contribute to the progress of higher education and innovation in Portugal. An initiative that highlights the importance of strengthening relationships between the business sector and educational institutions, encouraging greater collaboration and investment in educational and technological advancement.