22 March 2024

REN donates five vehicles to social organisations

As part of its social responsibility policy, REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais has donated five vehicles to organisations in the social sector, which will contribute to an improvement in service provision.

Associação Salvador, Centro Social Recreativo e Cultural de Pedralva, Associação Para a Recuperação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Oliveira do Hospital, Centro Social e Cultural de Fermedo, Escariz e Mato, and Centro Paroquial de Cachopo were the selected institutions.

"All of these institutions are landmarks in their respective areas of influence, so, when the opportunity arose to support them, REN did not hesitate. We know that these vehicles will help to increase the response capacity of these institutions, thus improving the support provided to the users", explains Margarida Ferreirinha, Director of Sustainability and Communication.

The Associação Salvador, founded by Salvador Mendes de Almeida, celebrated its 20th anniversary at the end of 2023. Its mission is to support and promote the inclusion of people with motor disabilities in society, as well as to improve their quality of life, enhance their talents, and raise awareness of equal opportunities. The association currently has 26 employees.

The Centro Social Recreativo e Cultural de Pedralva, which has 22 employees, is located in the parish of São Lourenço do Bairro, in the municipality of Anadia. Founded in 1994, it has been operational since September 2001, with the status of an IPSS (private institution for social solidarity). In addition to 37 users in the Day Care Centre, the centre supports around 30 elderly individuals through its home assistance service.

The Associação Para a Recuperação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Oliveira do Hospital is an IPSS founded in 1980, actively intervening in the community to facilitate the integration and rehabilitation of citizens with intellectual and developmental difficulties and/or other disabilities. It currently provides support to the community through the Centre for Empowerment and Inclusion Activities, two Autonomous Inclusion Residences, the Resource Centre for Inclusion, and a training component.

The Centro Social e Cultural de Fermedo, Escariz e Mato, located in the municipality of Arouca, began its operations on 1 October 2013. It supports approximately 150 elderly individuals and children with services that include a Day Care Centre, Home Assistance and Nursery. The centre plans to add an Elderly Care Home to its facilities by the end of 2025.

The Centro Paroquial de Cachopo, in Tavira, has around 50 employees. It was created by the initiative of the Fábrica da Igreja Paroquial de Cachopo on 6 April 1990. It is located in an isolated parish, consisting predominantly of an extremely elderly population facing numerous social and economic challenges. The centre provides home assistance to 50 elderly individuals and operates a nursing home with 30 residents, as well as a social centre supporting 12 users.