27 March 2014

REN provides information for the natural gas market

As from today , REN’s market transparency platform “Sistema de Informação de Mercados de Energia”, available at mercado.ren.pt, will also provide information related to the natural gas market, similar to the one already providing for the electricity market. This is a significant step towards increased transparency in the wholesale energy markets, giving REN hereby an essential contribution to the integration of the energy markets in the European Union.

The construction of natural gas and  electricity European internal markets aims to provide freedom of choice of energy supply to all EU consumers, to create new business opportunities for market players on a level playing field and increase cross-border trade within Member States, in order to achieve efficiency gains, competitive prices and higher quality of service standards, thus contributing for to security of supply and sustainability within Member States.

Wholesale markets affect not only the market participants, but play also a key role in shaping the final prices of energy, representing an important indicator for future investments in infrastructures.
The “Sistema de Informação de Mercados de Energia” platform aims to publish information to the natural gas and electricity markets, in compliance with the transparency obligations arising from national and European regulatory frameworks, to ensure the effectiveness, transparency and competitiveness of the markets.


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