05 January 2015

Renewable supply represents 62% of consumption in 2014

The first half of the year showed some recovery, but 2014 ended with consumption down by 0.7%. It was still in line with the figures for the previous year, considering the effects of temperature and business days. For the second year running, variation was 0%, after correction for the effect of temperature and the number of business days.

This year's consumption was 6.5% below the 2010 maximum. Gas consumption also fell by 5.4% (-5.4% in the conventional market and -5.5% in the electricity market). In 2014, gas consumption was 22% lower than the maximum in 2010, due to the fall in the electricity market.

As in 2013, production potential at hydroelectricity plants and wind farms benefited from the exceptional meteorological conditions with indices of 1.27 at hydroelectric plants and 1.11 at wind farms. The conditions were the second best ever for wind farms, after 2013.

Renewable generation supplied 62% of consumption (hydroelectric 31%, wind farms 24%, biomass 5.5% and photovoltaic 1.2%) in 2014, as opposed to 57% in 2013. Non-renewable generation from coal-fired power stations supplied 23% of consumption, while natural gas plants supplied 13%. The remaining 2% came from imports.


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