22 April 2013

Sines LNG terminal receives its 300th ship

The Nigerian vessel LNG Adamawa unloaded 135,058 m3 of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the equivalent of 927 GWh power generation.

For Paulo Mestre, the Sines Terminal director, the significance of this milestone goes beyond the mere number of ship dockings. 'For REN Atlântico, just as important as reaching this number, or even more important, is the way in which we have achieved it. Taking stock of the shipping activity at the terminal over the course of these three hundred ships, it is important to highlight the terminal's compliance with ship unloading times, the lack of spills, the lack of accidents and the meticulous compliance with specifications by the natural gas unloaded'.

Since the first unloading operation in October 2003, the Sines Terminal has already received 288 LNG tankers for unloading operations amounting to a total of 36,618,526 m3 of LNG and 12 vessels for cooling and loading operations amounting to 305,212 m3 of LNG. The latter operation is a recent development, carried out for the first time on 3 September 2012 with the loading of approx. 122,400 m3 of LNG, and recently repeated in early April, when 143,655 m3 of LNG was loaded on to the Ben Badis vessel.

The operation of 12 April, which took almost 19 hours, was the 7th time the tanker from Nigeria unloaded cargo at the Sines Terminal.


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