20 January 2017

Sines LNG Terminal with 100% emission capacity in a "cold wave" week in Portugal

On January 12, the Sines LNG Terminal reached its maximum physical injection capacity of natural gas into the Sines gas pipeline, reflecting the natural gas consumption increase in Portugal, which resulted from the cold front that affected the country and from the consequent electricity production needs.

REN's Natural Gas Terminal in Sines reached 100% of its capacity for injection into the network, having also been responsible for 89% of the national energy consumption on January 12. In the past few days, the Terminal has been recording values close to their maximum.

The LNG supply via the Sines Terminal has been a competitive option in the Iberian market, which has been affected by strong demand for natural gas.

The recorded values show the crucial role of the national natural gas infrastructure in ensuring supply for consumption, and particularly for the electricity sector. This infrastructure is planned and designed to meet both the requirements of consumers, ensuring they are fully met without restrictions to consumption, and ensuring the execution of the production activities that depend on it. This is why the infrastructure' size is chosen to guarantee not only average consumption but also taking into account supply assurance for peak consumption, as was the case. There are over 1.3 million natural gas consumers in mainland Portugal, most of them at low pressure, 279 at medium pressure and 21 at high pressure.


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