11 January 2023

Sines LNG Terminal with record usage

In 2022, the Sines Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal reached new all-time annual activity records, both in the number of received ships and in the volume of received energy.
Over the year, the Sines LNG Terminal unloaded 71 methane carriers, whose LNG was fully allocated to supplying domestic consumption. The previous high dated back to 2019, with 67 received ships, 65 of which were unloadings and two were ship cooling operations. The values of received energy also reached an all-time high of 63.33 TWh, surpassing the previous record, also from 2019. Each ship leaves about 145,000 m3 of Liquefied Natural Gas in Sines, enough to supply Portugal for a week.
The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal is operated by REN Atlântico, which receives the LNG and stores it in the facility's tanks for later regasification and injection into the transmission network. REN is responsible for the high-pressure transmission of natural gas and for the overall technical management of the National Natural Gas System, thus ensuring the reception, storage, and regasification of LNG, as well as the underground storage of natural gas, under concession contracts signed with the Portuguese Government until 2046.


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