13 April 2021

AGIR Award and REN Award: apply until April 30

The application deadline for the Agir Prize and the REN Prize is until April 30th.
The AGIR Prize is dedicated this year to the theme of Social Innovation in response to COVID-19 and is part of the policy of involvement with the Community and Social Innovation of REN aiming to support projects developed by associations, companies and non-profit organizations that respond to social problems. In its first seven editions, the AGIR Award has enabled winning organizations to benefit more than 9,270 people across the country. Until the 2020 edition, the number of applications received was 655.
Organizations wishing to apply for this year's edition can submit their application at www.stone-soup.net from March 1st to April 30th. The disclosure of the selected projects will take place in September 2021. The first prize will be awarded a monetary value of thirty thousand euros, the second fifteen thousand euros and the third five thousand euros.
The REN Award distinguishes the best master's and doctoral theses in the field of energy, carried out in Portuguese higher education establishments, in the different branches of Engineering, but also covering Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Systems and Computing. The distinction of doctoral theses has a biannual frequency, with the possibility of applying for all doctoral theses, which have been defended in the two academic years preceding each year in which the Prize will be delivered.
The winner of the Best Master's Thesis Prize will be awarded a monetary value of € 25,000, the second place € 15.00 and the third place € 10,000. In the Doctoral Thesis category, a single prize of 30,000 euros will be awarded. The REN Prize also contemplates the possibility of giving honorable mentions to theses that deserve to be recognized for their merit, and to which prizes of 2,500 euros will be awarded.
The REN Prize is one of the oldest scientific prizes in Portugal and demonstrates REN's commitment to innovation and development of the energy sector in our country, as well as with the strengthening of cooperation between educational institutions, technological development and the business community Portuguese.
For more information see our website here.


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