27 January 2021

Portgás is the only Portuguese company to join two round tables of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Portgás was one of the first companies selected to join the recent European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which aims to develop and implement hydrogen technologies, bringing together renewable, low-carbon hydrogen production; consumption in the industry and residential sector; mobility; and other sectors, such as transmission and distribution. With the goal of accompanying and contributing to the development of hydrogen in the energy sector, Portgás was admitted to the round tables on Clean hydrogen transmission and distribution and Clean hydrogen for residential applications. In addition to sharing knowledge, these working groups aim to signal the main challenges, priorities and opportunities of different technologies for hydrogen production, as well as their distribution in infrastructure and influence on equipment for existing and future customers.
The creation of this alliance is related to the preliminary analysis of the behaviour of investment cycles in the clean energy sector, which typically last about 25 years. As such, the EU has determined that the most appropriate time would be in 2020: the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance will help build a robust investment pipeline.
Portgás joining the alliance stems from rigorous technological watch for the development of the business, embodying the commitment to the development, implementation, and integration of 'renewable gases', as well as to the digitisation and decarbonisation of Portgás' infrastructure, in line with the strategic intentions and positioning of the European Commission on hydrogen.

As a gas distribution network operator, Portgás is an active player in the implementation of energy policies, goals, and targets defined in the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 (PNEC 2030) and the Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for 2050 (RNC 2050). Joining the alliance will both ensure a sustained path towards economic carbon neutrality and strengthen ties between the different Member States involved, ensuring the sustainability of the energy distribution sector.


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