20 December 2016

REN among the best companies to work for

This study developed by the school of Economics and management at the University of Minho and the Spark Agency asked more 3000 students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, courses of Economics and management, engineering and technology to some of the best national universities, which companies that attract more and what are their main career expectations in the short and long term.

REN excelled as one of the companies that future national talents more consider and better perspectives offers. Over the past few years, REN has been developing a comprehensive and complete strategy for attraction and retention of talent, based on specific programs, coordinated with each other and to create a consistent value proposition that contributes to the retention of current employees and to attract the best talent. The company seeks to still follow the best practices in the reception, development and recognition of all employees.

To Elsa Carvalho, Director of human resources at REN this award is another important knowledge of the work that has been done by REN in the attraction and retention of talent is a very important part of the company's human resources strategy. Our strategy of developing integrated policies, sustainable and consistent, but also innovative and differentiating leaves once again reinforced.


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