19 November 2015

REN becomes a shareholder in Coreso

REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional, S.A., the transmission system operator for electricity (TSO) in Portugal, is joining the ranks of Coreso's current shareholders, its fellow TSOs Elia (Belgium), RTE (France), National Grid (United Kingdom), Terna (Italy) and 50Hertz (Germany), by becoming a new shareholder.

Faced with a growing need for coordination on a European regional basis, more and more TSOs are joining Regional Security Coordination Initiatives (RSCIs) like Coreso. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the European Commission are both structurally supporting this development.

Coresos CEO Patrick De Leener said: “We are strongly backing this trend because teaming up enables us to develop a shared methodology and common vision for the benefit of all to ensure the security of Europe's electricity supply'.

REN CEO Rodrigo Costa said: “We are pleased to announce our adherence to Coreso, an organization with several years of experience and gathering TSOs representing approximately 40% of the European market. This is a very important step towards the integration of the electric markets and systems in Europe, with strong strategic and operational advantages.”

About Coreso:

As a Regional Security Coordination Initiative (RSCI), Coreso assists HV transmission system operators (TSO) to ensure security of supply in Europe. Accordingly, Coreso collaborates with the TSOs and other RSCIs and develops and performs operational planning activities involving the analysis and coordination of the European regional electricity grid, focussing on coordination services ranging from several days ahead until close to real time. Its shareholders are the HV transmission system operators Elia (Belgium), RTE (France), National Grid (UK), Terna (Italy), 50Hertz (Germany) and REN (Portugal). | www.coreso.eu 


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