23 February 2021

REN joins Hydrogen Europe

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS is one of the most recent members of Hydrogen Europe, an association that represents the hydrogen and fuel cell industries in Europe and comprises over 150 companies, including the main TSOs (Transmission System Operators), over 100 R&DI organisations, and national associations. 

Joining this forum, which is also represented in the Hydrogen Council, is another important step within the set of initiatives REN has been developing, which also include peer-to-peer meetings with other leading TSOs operating in Europe. 

This application reflects the significance of REN's positioning of strong commitment to and development of the decarbonisation of gas networks, and strengthens the internal expertise and the relationship with stakeholders, considering the high level of influence this association has in European institutions of the industry, both in the active definition of roadmaps and in the development of innovative projects. 

The ambitious goals arising from the energy transition have placed hydrogen, other renewable gases, and the current Gas System infrastructure as central elements in the decarbonisation process. In such a context, the developments envisaged for renewable gases, which include hydrogen, biomethane, and synthetic methane, have gained special relevance and prominence in European and national public policy documents, in the latter case with a special focus on the National Strategy for Hydrogen (EN-H2) and on Decree-Law no. 62/2020, which redefines the organisation and operation of the Gas National System (SNG), as well as the associated legal regime, incorporating renewable gases and the gradual promotion of the integration of the National Electricity System (SEN) and the Natural Gas National System (SNGN).


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