15 November 2018

REN participates in the "Visions of the Future" series of conferences

REN will participate in the first edition of the 'Visions of the Future' conferences, promoted by DECO PROTESTE, in partnership with the City Council of Cascais, addressing two topics which are issues of the day: Mobility and Sustainability.

The meeting takes place between 30 November and 2 December, at the Estoril Congress Center, and kicks off with a series of conferences and lectures on the topics of Mobility, Sustainability and Citizenship. 

The visions of the future of sustainability motivate the 'Photovoltaic challenges' discussion, with the presence of Ana Rita Antunes (Copérnico), APREN (The Portuguese Renewable Energy Association), João Afonso (REN) and Ricardo Pereira (DECO PROTESTE). The goal is to address the problem of centralized production or access to decentralized production, the contribution to the country's energy dependence, and the levels of consumer literacy and empowerment.

The 'Photovoltaic challenges' session takes place on 30 November, around 11:50 AM, in the Sustentabilidade (Sustainability) room.

The event kicks off with a series of conferences and lectures, on 30 November, on the topics of Mobility, Sustainability and Citizenship. On 1 and 2 December, Estoril Congress Center will be open to the public with workshops devoted to the topics of mobility and sustainability, exhibitions, test drives and practical demonstrations in the areas of performance of DECO PROTESTE and of the event's partners.

Admission is free. 

Find out more at www.visoesdofuturo.com.pt


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