18 February 2015

REN supports the Sines Fire and Rescue Service in improving its emergency rescue services

At the start of this year REN acquired equipment to be used in vertical rescues, which it then donated to the Sines Fire and Rescue Service. This equipment was supplied to the newest team within the that corps of fire fighters, which is trained in this type of high-risk rescue involving saving victims of falls from heights in extremely difficult to access situations and providing them with pre-hospital care.

'We cannot turn a blind eye in our area of operations. 'We have beaches with cliffs and a number of companies and industries, as well as some large buildings. It is important the fire service is properly trained and equipped for all eventualities', said Vítor Pereira, commander of Sines Fire and Rescue Service. He also highlighted the difficulty of this type of rescue, which requires the use of appropriate equipment: 'These types of rescue are extremely difficult, and require not only excellent training, but also the use of appropriate equipment and materials. 'Our fire and rescue corps purchased some basic equipment which, given our area of activity, turned out to be to little and of limited use', he said.

The commander expressed his satisfaction with this support from REN and noted his hopes for the future: 'Now we have been given the best and most modern equipment, which will allow us to carry out quicker and more effective rescues in any situation', he said.

This support from REN is one more step by the company in line with its policy of social responsibility and proximity to the communities and local bodies in those areas, like Sines, in which its plants are located.


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