22 September 2023

Clarification of public consultation for expression of interest in the allocation of connection capacity to the public electricity grid in the Sines High-Demand Zone

Decree-Law No. 80/2023, dated September 6, recognizes, under the terms of Article 20(1), the territorial area of Sines served by the Portuguese National Electricity Transmission Grid, associated with the current Sines substation, as a High-Demand Zone ("HDZ") subject to the exceptional procedure for allocating grid connection capacity ("Procedure"). Therefore, under the terms of Article 4(2) and Article 20(3) of the aforementioned decree-law, the public consultation for the Sines HDZ Procedure was made public on September 12, 2023, the date of the publication of Announcement No. 184-A/2023, dated September 12.

As part of the aforementioned public consultation, Announcement No. 196-A/2023 was published on September 22 in the Portuguese Official Gazette No. 185/2023, 1st Supplement, Series II of September 22, 2023, providing various clarifications. This announcement states that interested parties can submit their expression of interest within a period of 10 (ten) working days from September 22, 2023. Within this same timeframe, those who have already expressed their interest by submitting the document specified in Announcement No. 184-A/2023, dated September 12, can submit a new expression of interest, replacing the previous one.