24 July 2021

Disturbances in the Iberian electrical system

In the beginning of today´s afternoon there was a problem in the interconnection of the electricity system between France and Spain, following an incident in the French transmission network. 

As a result of this incident, the Iberian electricity system was separated from the rest of the European grid in a situation of heavy imports. This separation caused a significant reduction in the Iberian frequency, and the defense plans for the Spanish and Portuguese electrical systems were automatically activated. 

The activation of the Portuguese defense plan resulted in a reduction in consumption in hydroelectric pumping, in interruptible industrial consumers and in several consumers in the national distribution network, pre-selected in coordination between REN and EREDES. This action avoided more serious consequences, which, in the limit, could have led to the total blackout of the electricity system. 

At the moment, the Iberian electricity system is already interconnected to the European system, and the situation is on the way to full normalization.


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