02 September 2022

Energy consumption increases 1.7%, and solar sets new record

In August, electricity consumption rose 1.7% year-on-year, or 1.4% when correcting for the effects of temperature and number of working days. From January to August, consumption increased 3.2%, or 3.0% when correcting for temperature and working days.

Wind-power generation was below average values as a result of a capability index of 0.84 (historical average of 1), whereas photovoltaic generation benefited from a more favourable regime, reaching a capability index of 1.10 (historical average of 1). The capability increase, along with the new facilities that are being connected to the grid, enabled reaching a new peak of around 1260 MW. The hydropower regime remains dry, with a capability index of 0.48 (historical average of 1), as has been the case in the past few months. Renewable generation supplied 36% of consumption, while non-renewable generation supplied 39%. The remaining 25% consisted of imported energy.

In the period from January to August, the hydropower capability index stood at 0.34 (historical average of 1), the wind-power capability index at 0.93 (historical average of 1), and solar at 1.10 (historical average of 1). Renewable generation supplied 44% of consumption, split between wind, providing 23%, hydroelectric with 9%, biomass with 7%, and photovoltaics with 5%. Generation from natural gas supplied 33% of consumption, with the remaining 23% coming from imported energy.

In the natural gas market, consumption increased in August, with a year-on-year rate of 8%. As has been the case throughout the year, the electricity generation segment, which increased 48%, diverged from the conventional segment, which includes the remaining customers and decreased 15.7%. Between January and August, the consumption of natural gas recorded a slightly positive year-on-year variation of 0.7%, stemming from a drop of 20% in the conventional segment, as well as from an increase of 47% in the electricity generation segment.


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