03 November 2022

Energy consumption increases, hydropower generation remains below average

Electricity consumption increased 0.7% year-on-year in October, or 1.6% when correcting for the effects of temperature and number of working days. The annual accumulated change is now 2.7%, or 2.6% when correcting for temperature and working days.
Despite the rainfall recorded in the second fortnight of October, the hydropower capability index did not go beyond 0.59 (historical average of 1), limited by the reduced inflows coming from Spain in the Douro. Wind and solar capability indices were, respectively, 1.12 and 0.98 (historical average of 1). In the past month, renewable generation supplied 44% of consumption, while non-renewables supplied 34%. The remaining 22% consisted of imported energy.
For the entire year, the hydropower capability index remains low at 0.39, the wind capability index is 0.97, and the solar capability index is 1.09. From January to October, renewable generation supplied 44% of consumption, split between wind, providing 24%, hydroelectric with 9%, biomass with 7%, and photovoltaics with 5%. Generation from natural gas supplied 33% of consumption, with imports supplying the remaining 22%.
In the natural gas market, the trend of consumption reduction continues, with a year-on-year negative variation of 5.7%, stemming from a 16% drop in the conventional market, partially offset by the electricity market, whose consumption increased 9%. The trend recorded during the past few months in supply was intensified, with the entry of gas via pipeline increasing, which accounted for 37% of consumption. Despite this, the Sines LNG terminal remained the main way for gas to enter Portugal, representing 63% of the total.
From January to October, the consumption of natural gas recorded a negative year-on-year variation of 1.6%, stemming from a drop of 20% in the conventional segment, and from an increase of 35% in the electricity generation segment.


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