04 August 2021

"Energy under Water". The all story of the submarine cable installation project off Viana do Castelo

'Energy under Water. The story of a submarine cable' tells the story of recently finished submarine cable installation project led by REN as part of the (very) high-voltage connection of Offshore Power Plants to the power grid for receiving misarine renewable energy produced off Viana do Castelo. (Watch the full video of the work down below).

Aiming to ensure the flow of energy produced at the WindPlus wind farm 17 km off the Portuguese coast off Viana do Castelo, the work is part of the construction and provision of infrastructure for the electricity transmission network, namely a submarine cable with a length of approximately 17 km (in service since the end of 2019), corresponding terminations, and an onshore switching station at the Port of Viana do Castelo, currently in the final phase of construction.

This infrastructure, configured for operation at 150 kV, but operating at 60 kV in this phase, is the first of its kind in Portugal capable of operating at very high voltage, and allow the integration in the National Electricity System of power plants up to a total power of 200 MVA.


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