01 June 2015

ERSE launches awareness campaign on the issues of the electricity sector service quality

ERSE will launch an awareness campaign to share responsibility for the technical quality of service issues.

'The Quality of Service Is Up to All' is how is called this initiative, which will be officially launched on June 2, during the seminar ' The Quality of Service Is Up to All  - Partnership for sensitization on the Responsibilities Sharing', to be held at the premises of ERSE, as part of celebrations of the World Energy Day, which was celebrated on 29 May
The campaign is based on a network of partnerships with a number of key institutions of the National Electric System, including REN, to make users aware of the power grids that improve service quality must rely on the contribution of all, being a global responsibility.

For more information see the campaign website: http://campanhaqualidadeservico.erse.pt/


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