24 January 2023

New record for wind power generation

On 16 January, REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais recorded a new all-time high for wind power generation in a single day, with 106.7 GWh. The previous high was on 11 November 2022, when wind power generation reached 104.2 GWh.

Renewable energy generation supplied 97% of consumption on 16 January, with wind power standing out at 56%. Between 1 and 22 January, renewable generation accounted for 89% of the domestic consumption of electricity.

For the entire year of 2022, the wind power capability index stood at 0.99 (historical average of 1). In 2022, renewable generation supplied 49% of consumption, with wind contributing 25%, hydropower 12%, biomass 7%, and photovoltaics 5%.


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