06 January 2021

Portugal hits 111 hours without conventional thermal power production

The reduction in consumption during Christmas, associated with high wind-power and hydropower availability, led to the longest period recorded to date in the national system, without the contribution of any classic thermal production, amounting to 111 hours, between 24 and 28 December.

In this period, wind production supplied the system with 47%, hydropower 19%, imports 17%, photovoltaics 2%, and cogeneration and biomass the remaining 15%.

The previous maximum period without conventional thermal production occurred in April 2018, totalling 88 hours.
This year, coal supplied 4% of electricity consumption, whereas its contribution usually exceeded 20%.

For João Conceição, REN's COO, 'these data reveal the resiliency of the National Electricity System, because, when it is necessary to adjust to different sources of production, these are made available, in competitive market conditions, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of supply'.


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