19 February 2016

REN absorbs new record level of energy generation

Last weekend into Monday, the National Electric System registered a new national output record, with a new maximum of 228GWh recorded on Monday, overtaking the previous maximum of 216GWh registered on 8 January.

The strong winds and rain over these three days resulted in the electricity grid recording historic levels of GWh being generated, with a significant proportion from renewable sources. National output was 56% greater than demand on Sunday and the weather conditions of last weekend and into Monday fuelled sufficient hydro and wind power generation to supply 60-70% of national demand.

These generation records prove the National Electric System has the network capacity to meet the registered peaks in demand, and that it was also able to channel supply through the current interconnections with Spain, which offers a greater degree of supply security to Portugal should generation be lower than demand - unlike last weekend. The system again demonstrated, during this period, its resilience and reliability by maintaining the high levels of service quality.

This year to 15 February, renewable sources have supplied 71% of demand - with hydro accounting for 38% and wind 29% of the total demand. The export balance in this period is equivalent to 22% of national demand. The balance of trade with other countries has been negative, compared with the same period of last year, as Portugal has imported more than it has exported. Through 2015 and until the end of February, hybrid power stations supplied 25% of consumption, wind supplied 28% and the total from renewable sources was 59%. This is a clear demonstration of the growing importance of renewable energy.


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