17 December 2020

REN and major European operators commit to making even more environmentally responsible choices

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, together with seven other European operators, has made a commitment to make even more environmentally responsible choices. This position was recently communicated to its suppliers through an open letter entitled 'The Greenest Choice'.


'As Energy Transmission Operators, we are at the heart of the energy transition of our societies and economies to a more sustainable and carbon-free world', begins the open letter. 'Today, we must reflect on the choices we make when purchasing the materials and services that are essential to our operation. [...] As European utility companies, we must lead this transition and seek to be at the forefront of 'green investments'', explains the operators group.


Signed by REN, Red Eléctrica de España, Terna (Italy), National Grid (United Kingdom), TenneT (Netherlands and Germany), Elia (Belgium), 50hHertz (Germany) and RTE (France), the letter explains that Energy Transmission Operators, namely through their purchasing departments, play a significant role in this ambition. 'This means paying more attention to the environment, biodiversity, the circular economy and the social impact of the equipment and services we buy - in short, making a more ecological choice', the letter continues.


The group also leaves a number of challenges to its suppliers: 'All suppliers - established and new - are encouraged to contribute to this evolution'. 'We welcome and promote new ideas in order to meet conventional needs with innovative solutions', they explain, concluding 'with this letter, we seek to affirm our commitment to support this transition and encourage our current and future suppliers to take decisive steps towards a more sustainable and resilient world tomorrow'.


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