07 January 2014

REN boosts its electricity grid in Setúbal District

Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) has completed the enlargement of the Fernão Ferro Substation, in Seixal Council, endowing it with a voltage level of 400 kV.

The completion of this project, which cost a total investment of around EUR 9 million, significantly increased the guarantee of the electricity supply throughout Setúbal Peninsula. The new voltage level (400 kV) creates an alternative to Palmela Substation, upon which the entire consumption of the region was dependent.

Upon the start of the 400 kV service at the Fernão Ferro facility, the remodelling project of the substation was also completed, which began in June 2010 and which involved a complete reformulation of the 150 kV and 60 kV levels, allowing the introduction of a voltage level (400 kV) without increasing the area occupied by the plant.

According to Albino Marques this investment “is of major importance to improve the guarantee of consumption in the Setúbal peninsula in the long term, which previously depended entirely on the Palmela Substation. Consumers in this region include, for example, Quinta do Anjo (which is connected to the Autoeuropa motor vehicle assembly plant) and Fogueteiro (which supplies electricity to the train that crosses the 25 de Abril Bridge to Lisbon).”


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