15 May 2013

REN brings to Portugal the expert who changed the worldwide paradigm for storing electrical energy

Donald Sadoway, considered one of the most influential people in the world by TIME magazine, is coming to Portugal on 29 May to give the keynote speech at a conference to present the new rules and jury for the REN Prize 2013, which will focus on issues related to the future of electrical energy storage.

The renowned professor from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), considered one of the most brilliant scientists in the study of new technologies for energy, is coming to Portugal to present his recommendations, based on the research he has been conducting at MIT.

Sadoway revolutionized and changed the energy storage paradigm by developing an innovative battery designed for the power grids of the future. This battery's aim is decentralized, economically competitive energy storage. Batteries provide the necessary flexibility to ensure supply security, given the power grid management challenges created by renewable energy sources.

The REN Prize is Portugal's oldest scientific prize. This initiative has been honouring the best master's theses in the fields of electricity and natural gas systems and grids since 1995.


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