15 July 2015

REN gets funding from the European Commission for projects in the Natural Gas and Electricity

REN obtained funding from the European Commission (EC) for the project of the 3rd Portugal-Spain interconnection of natural gas (506,000 euros) and for the development of environmental studies and engineering in the electric line connection between Ribeira de Pena -Vieira do Minho (250 thousand euros). The total financing amount was 756,000 euros.

This funding is a consequence of the approval by the EC of a package of 150 million euros for energy infrastructure involving several European countries.

The REN project of European energy networks interconnections, selected by the European Commission for financial support under the program 'Connecting Europe Facility-Energy (CEF-E) correspond to the 3rd Portugal-Spain Interconnection, natural gas, organized by REN Gas and the electric line 400 kV, Ribeira de Pena-Vieira do Minho, sponsored by National Grid REN.
As regards natural gas project, studies of new pipeline transport between Celorico da Beira and the Spanish border, in the area of Vale de Frades, include the environmental impact study and engineering design basis, in order to obtain the environmental, and technical licensing and mapping design, detail engineering and ROW (Right of Way) for the construction of that infrastructure.

Regarding the 400kV line design, studies, environmental impact and engineering, understand the licensing process, environmental and technical, in accordance with national legislation as well as the construction project of this infrastructure.


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