14 December 2021

REN joins Eurobar to interconnect offshore wind farms

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais joined Eurobar, an initiative that brings together some of the largest European energy transmission operators, and seeks to interconnect offshore wind farms in Europe in a safe and efficient manner. The aim is to evolve in the standardisation of interfaces and technologies for these interconnections, thus facilitating their development and reducing their environmental impact.

By signing the Eurobar Memorandum of Understanding, REN now joins 50Hertz (Germany), Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Amprion (Germany), Red Eléctrica de España (Spain), RTE (France), Statnett (Norway), and Terna (Italy).

The Eurobar initiative reflects the common public commitment made by the main European energy transmission operators to the sustainable and reliable integration of offshore wind energy. Offshore wind energy plays a key role in the European Union's fight for climate neutrality. The European Commission forecasts that there will be up to 300 GW of installed wind power capacity by 2050, in order to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

Eurobar's mission is to develop and implement a joint approach for offshore infrastructure systems, enabling their connection to the European electricity system. Additionally, it wants to standardise the technology and interfaces of these interconnections so that future offshore wind farms will be able to connect to the European grid as soon as they start producing.

REN, as an energy transmission operator, has an important role in energy transition and in the global responsibility for the creation of a sustainable future, both socially and environmentally. Membership in the Eurobar initiative, which is focused on European cooperation for the safe and efficient connection of offshore wind farms, attests REN's commitment to the goals of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040, of maintaining a sustainable development, and of combating climate change, while reinforcing the company's financial strength and excellent operational performance.


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