25 March 2015

REN Metrology Laboratory Evaluated for Accreditation

The REN Gas Metrology Laboratory was last March 17 rated for Granting Accreditation by the Portuguese Institute (IPAC). The evaluation, carried out according to standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, is valid from 2015 to 2018, and will help the Company to assert itself as the benchmark in the National Natural Gas System.

The Metrology is the science of measurements which, through theoretical and practical aspects, ensures the precision required in the production process, while ensuring the quality of products and services over the calibration of measuring instruments and performing tests.

'Taking into account the need of institutions, in particular those of industrial nature, this is a key field for any of the areas of engineering, because they have to abide by quality increasingly demanding standards. The control to do, to ensure products final quality, require adequate measuring equipment that have to be maintained in accordance with the specifications, in particular of uncertainty, 'explains Luis Ferreira, Director of Investment and Exploration.

The evaluation of IPAC's auditors, which took place after a long process of preparation and interlaboratory comparative trials, focused on quality processes, facilities, equipment, technical skills and the methodology used for the calibrations which are applied to measuring instruments.

IPAC Assessment Report highlighted as strengths the good performance in Comparative Testing Interlaboratory (ECI's) for the entire scope of the concession for accreditation; the adequacy of facilities; appropriate equipment; the control of the appropriate internal and external quality and staff motivation for granting of accreditation by IPAC.

The Metrology Laboratory was created to meet the domestic needs to ensure the integrity of the measurement systems incorporated into the infrastructure which compose the National Natural Gas Transmission (RNTGN).

Located in Pombal, is currently the first metrology laboratory accredited in Portugal for Counters Gas Volumetric, the turbine or rotary pistons 10 to 2.500m3 / h, with an uncertainty of 0.34% and the few that has a Unit Mobile Europe.


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