20 September 2013

REN organises a renewable energies event in Brussels

On the morning of 9 October REN is holding a workshop aimed at showing the important role that Portugal and Spain play with regard to renewable energies and the Europe 2020 targets.

The event is to be held on the premises of the Spanish REPER, as a Side Event of the Open Days of the Regions 2013, under the title 'Iberia Peninsula: A Platform to Successfully Generate, Integrate and Deliver Renewable Energy for Europe'.

This initiative brings together institutional representatives from the EU policy makers, regional entities and local authorities, universities and research centres, study and consultancy companies and other players linked to the environment and energy areas.

It is the second time that REN (in partnership with Red Eletrica España) organises an initiative to publicly disseminate its working practices, at a location that is considered Europe's decision-making centre.

Registration for the event is open until 25 September 2013. Complete and send the registration form to the e-mail address: opendays2013@ren.pt.


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