04 April 2013

REN´s best year ever in quality of service

REN achieved the best quality-of-service results ever with zero seconds of equivalent interruption time in the electricity grid and gas network in 2012. This record places the company among the best in the world in the supply of energy to power infrastructure users.

Rui Cartaxo, the company's CEO, believes the this success is thanks mainly “to the technical competence of REN's employees, the right grid maintenance strategy and system management and the investment made in electricity grid and natural gas infrastructures  over the years'.

Where electricity is concerned, there is the recently completed 400KV connection between Marateca and Fanhões, which has stepped up the security of the grid throughout the Greater Lisbon and Setúbal Peninsula area. In natural gas, the completion of the expansion of the Sines LNG Terminal has increased energy supply security and diversified sources of natural gas.


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