20 May 2024

"Commitment in action" sets the theme for the 2023 Integrated Report

The 2023 Integrated Report, approved at the General Meeting on 9 May, presents the operational, financial, and non-financial/sustainability performance, as well as the key initiatives developed throughout the year.

Under the theme "Commitment in action", the Report incorporates elements that evoke transformation and transition, through the application of artificial intelligence in the visual foundation, reinforcing REN’s role as innovators in representing the path towards sustainability.

The slogan "Commitment in action" stems from REN's efforts to strengthen its journey in sustainability, operational excellence, and quality of service, and to continuously create value for its shareholders and stakeholders, leveraging its mission at the heart of the energy transition.

The Report maintains the structure of the previous year’s publication, and is divided into three main parts: I – Integrated Management Report; II – Consolidated and Individual Accounts; III – Corporate Governance Report. A solution enabling easy navigation between sections of the Report has been implemented once again, featuring a top bar (allowing navigation between chapters) and a side bar (allowing navigation between parts).

The Report has been developed in line with the main international and national reporting guidelines and is verified by an independent external entity (Ernst & Young).

See the full report here.