28 November 2016

REN sets new all-time high in the production of wind power

In the early hours of 21 November, REN set a new, historic record in energy generation at wind farms, which reached 4454 MW, 5 MW more than the last record in May this year. During the three hours in which the wind was stronger, the energy generated would have been enough to power the entire nation.

In recent years, renewable energies have played an increasingly important role in the balance of energy sources. REN, as the body in charge of managing the national electricity system, is making permanent investments in the development of mechanisms that allow for a more accurate forecast of energy generation from this type of source. The aim is to make optimum use of these sources by integrating them into the system and ensuring that they do not go to waste. Today, REN is an international benchmark in terms of managing the integration of renewable energies.

Wind generation currently accounts for almost 25% of national energy consumption. On the whole, during the first nine months of the year, renewable energy production handled 61% of the consumption, a high figure sustained by the water flows at dams (66% above average) and by wind farm production (9% above average).


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