07 June 2013

REN undertakes project to integrate renewables in China

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais has signed a technical consultancy agreement with the Jibei Electric Power Company, which belongs to the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), for the integration of wind energy into the Chinese transmission grid.

This agreement is part of the Wind Power, Photovoltaic, Energy Storage and Transmission Pilot Project (WPST), a larger project undertaken with the Chinese government and SGCC. It is a six-month agreement and will cover multidisciplinary areas, ranging from technical aspects of connection to the grid and regulatory issues to optimised use of renewable energy sources.

REN is going to conduct a detailed study, based on Portugal's experience of integrating wind farms into the national electricity transmission grid, and analyse its possible uses in China. On the basis of this work, REN will make concrete recommendations for operational implementation in the WPST.

João Conceição, REN CEO, said that the partnership 'is the recognition of REN's competences in this area and Portugal's international importance, thanks to its stake in renewable energy. This positioning may bring us substantial advantages in developing opportunities in other parts of the world.'

During the signing of the partnership agreement, REN presented the brand of its new research and development centre, a joint project between REN and the China Electric Power Research Institute (an SGCC company).
This centre, which will enjoy the collaboration of highly reputed universities in the energy sector, industry and national and international R&D institutions, is intended to be a platform for international knowledge and development of innovative tools and solutions for the management, operation, design and planning of power transmission grids.


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