02 July 2014

Renewable generation accounted for 73% of electricity consumption during the first half of the year

During the first half of this year, renewables reached their highest recorded value in Portugal since 1985, accounting for 73% of generation, owing to the to hydroelectric and wind power capability indices of 1.37 and 1.24, respectively. This semester also experienced a 0.4% increase in consumption, or 0.2% when correcting for working day temperatures.

Hydro output accounted for 41% of consumption, while wind power made up 26%, biomass 5% and solar 1%. Non-renewable generation from coal-fired power stations accounts for 16% of consumption, while natural gas power stations account for 11%. Despite imports at the end of the semester, the balance remains that of an exporter, equivalent to around 4% of national consumption.

According to data provided by REN, with less favourable weather conditions, in particular for hydro production, June was the poorest month of the year for renewables, which fell to 44% of consumption. Inflows to hydroelectric plants stood at 62% of normal levels for this month, while wind power generation remained in line with normal levels. It was also the first month of the year in which there was a strong import balance, accounting for 12% of consumption.


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