07 May 2020

REN's General Shareholders Meeting approves with a large majority all voted points

REN's General Shareholders Meeting (GSM) was held for the first time exclusively by telematic means.

With approximately 62% of the capital represented, REN's shareholders clearly approved all items in the agenda. The Annual Report was unanimously approved and all other points exceeded 99% of favorable votes.

The holding of the GSM by telematic means complied with the recommendations of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance (IPCG) and the Association of Companies Issuing Securities Listed in Markets (AEM) for a better compatibility of all interests under consideration, considering  the current context arising from Covid-19.

The option to carry out the works exclusively with the use of conference call and transmission through an electronic platform produced the desired results: the level of participation was slightly higher than that of the last face-to-face GSM, held in 2019.

For technical and security reasons, shareholders had to exercise their right to vote until midnight of the previous day. Those who did had the option to change their vote in the course of the sessions, but none used that option.


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