05 February 2019

Wind Power reaches 90% of domestic consumption

The National Electric System recorded on 1 February a new all-time maximum in daily wind generation and, this time, the record happened both in daily production (102.8 GWh) and in maximum power (4594 MW).
On that day, the share of wind generation was 63% and, during peak-wind times, wind generation corresponded to 90% of the domestic consumption. Around 3.7% (6.7 GWh) of the domestic production was exported, out of a total 180 GWh produced during the day. 
This new all-time high in daily wind generation in Portugal follows the maximum achieved a little over a week before, on 23 January, when daily generation amounted to 101.9 GWh, which corresponded to 61% of the daily consumption. 

Currently, there are 5,150 MW installed in the wind farms, which, on average, supply about 25% of the domestic consumption. 
In 2018, renewable production supplied 52% of domestic consumption, plus net exports, broken down into wind power and hydropower, both with 23%, biomass with 5% and photovoltaics with 1.5%.

The significant numbers of renewable production observed in 2018, following a trend from previous years, emphasize REN's effort to create the necessary conditions, both in the Network's development and operation, and in the sophistication of its System Management functions, towards sustainably pursuing more ambitious goals in the integration of renewable sources, addressing the National and the EU Energy Policies for the decarbonisation of the Economy.

The success of the results obtained has contributed to the acknowledgment of REN as an Operator of international renown in this area.


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