10 January 2024

REN trainees join european network in the energy sector

REN trainees in the electricity sector are now part of the Network of European TSO Trainees (NETT), an organisation that brings together young professionals from energy transmission network management companies. The aim is to collaborate towards a sustainable future for Europe.

NETT is an initiative led by trainees, with the participation of other energy transmission network managers such as 50Hertz and Amprion, both from Germany, National Grid ESO from the United Kingdom, Statnett from Norway, Svenska Kraftnät from Sweden, and TenneT from the Netherlands. REN trainees participate in several working groups, contributing to the communication of the initiative, engaging with former members (Alumni) and assisting in the structural organisation of NETT.

In the 13th edition of the REN Trainee Programme, students and recent graduates have the opportunity to directly engage in the company's activities, gaining experience in the energy sector. Applications for the programme are open between February and May, with the recruitment and selection process running from April to June each year. The internships are annual and start in September.

The REN Trainee Programme is open to talented individuals from various fields, such as engineering, management, communication, and human resources. Each REN trainee has an internship plan tailored to their specialisation, allowing them to explore different areas of the company through a rotational approach. Priority is given to professional development, fostering skills enhancement in a cross-disciplinary manner and promoting integration into the company's culture through a mentorship system.