14 December 2020

FEUP student receives REN Prize for master's thesis on photovoltaic energy

The winner of the 25th edition of the REN Prize for the best master's thesis was João Pedro Graça Ramos, from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The paper titled Conversion of photovoltaic energy with synthetic inertia explores a solution to store energy in a photovoltaic panel. 

One of the oldest scientific awards in Portugal has distinguished the work of João Pedro da Silva Megre Barbosa, from FEUP, who addressed the problem of security and stability of power systems with strong integration of renewable energies, in a paper titled Fast Assessment of Dynamic Behavior Analysis with Evaluation of Minimum Synchronous Inertia to Improve Dynamic Security in Islanded Power Systems, and Luís Miguel Brito Teixeira, from FEUP, with a thesis titled Missing Signal Appraising in Globally Optimized Networks, which focuses on new forms of analysis of electrical networks.

The Jury of the REN Prize also decided to award two special mentions in this year's edition. Sérgio Miguel da Silva Coelho, from the University of Minho, was distinguished for his paper titled Development of a Micro-Inverter for Renewable Energy Systems in Distributed Micro-Networks. Tiago Poças de Almeida, from FEUP, was also distinguished for his master's thesis titled Coordinated Operation of Electric Vehicle Solar Parking Lot as a Virtual Power Plant. 

Partnership with FCT will reward students from Portuguese-speaking African countries

This year, the creation of the REN - Ciência LP Scientific Medal for Merit was announced, in partnership with FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) and Centro Ciência LP (a Category 2 Centre, under the patronage of UNESCO, whose mission is to stimulate advanced training and scientific development, favouring Portuguese-speaking countries, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda). In two new categories, these prizes will be awarded to students and women up to 35 years old from Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa who have carried out research projects within the scope of their advanced training (MA or PhD), completed and presented within a period of up to two or three academic years prior to the awarding of the REN - Ciência LP Scientific Medal for Merit, in areas of energy transition in Africa.
Eligible applications will be evaluated and rated by a jury made up of renowned individuals for the awarding of the REN - Ciência LP Scientific Medal for Merit, selected by FCT and Centro Ciência LP.

Created in 1995, the REN Prize is an award for the best master's theses in the field of energy, written by students of Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Systems, and Computer Science. Last year's edition was the first to award doctoral theses, and this award is only given biennially.

Throughout its 25 editions, the projects distinguished by the REN Prize have followed the transformations and developments that have shaped the energy sector, anticipating challenges, identifying issues and proposing innovative solutions, thus contributing to the development of the energy sector in Portugal and strengthening the interaction between REN and academia.
The winner of the Prize for the Best Thesis receives €25,000. Second place wins a prize of €15,000, and third place €10,000. Each special mention will receive a prize of €2,500. The winner of the Best Doctoral Thesis receives €30,000.


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